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Please read the Terms and Conditions below carefully.  You, the “user” by use of this site means you agree to the Terms and Conditions below stated by Yolanda Shanks (owner) of YolandaShanks.com (website).  The following sections explain the terms and services of YolandaShanks.com.

Your use of YolandaShanks.com website for purchases downloads and other services of Yolanda Shanks:

The Book, Store and Online Bible Study links are set-up for you (user) to make purchases of any and all said products offered on YolandaShanks.com.  Those products include and are not limited to: Book(s), Cups, and Devotional cards, Audio CDs, Kindle Download(s) and Radio Podcasts as specified.  While accommodations will try to be made, Yolanda Shanks and YolandaShanks.com is not liable or responsible for any damaged or otherwise not useable product.

You agree to make purchase at the dollar amount noted including tax as indicated by way of your debit or credit card. YolandaShanks.com uses a secure Payment Gateway to process all credit/debit card payments.  Neither Yolanda Shanks nor YolandaShanks.com stores any credit card information on file.  This is the Internet (world wide net) therefore there are spammers and hackers which are out of the control of Yolanda Shanks or YolandaShanks.com. Therefore we hold no liability for any identify theft or misuse of your information by other sources.

We use the verified merchant site of Authorize.net for all purchases. For any questions you may have about their Terms of Services you may visit their site.

Not a Non-Profit:

We are not a licensed non profit organization and are not promoting ourselves as such, therefore any and all purchases made or donations supplied are not tax deductible.

Yolanda Shanks and YolandaShanks.com reserves the right to make any modifications to content, pricing or any other part of the mentoring packages at our sole discretion.


The desired end of Yolanda Shanks and YolandaShanks.com is to help you on this website however, we do not accept any liability, accountability or responsibility for any product or service you, the “user” use and it’s outcome, effect or lack thereof in your life.  The materials and services supplied are used at the discretion and knowledge of you the “user” with full disclosure that it may not be of help to your personal and specific need.  There are no refunds on any products or services on YolandaShanks.com at any time except for damage during shipment. You must email us within 5 days of receipt for return/exchange instructions. Sorry, we cannot refund shipping.

Other Websites:

You will see links to other Christian websites.  Yolanda Shanks and YolandaShanks.com is not responsible for or accountable for the content displayed on those pages.  If you visit those links please investigate any and all products and services as your own discretion.


Yolanda Shanks and YolandaShanks.com reserves the rights to the photos on YolandaShanks.com.  The photos are either personally owned by Yolanda Shanks or have been paid for by Yolanda Shanks and YolandaShanks.com from bigstockphoto.com or photo service entity. Therefore no copying or downloading of photos are permitted at any time for any reason.

YolandaShanks.com reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions at any time, for any reason as is necessary for the needs of this ministry and website.  Your continued use of the website denotes that you agree with all current and any future changes to the Terms and Conditions.

Your agreement and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions:

Again, you, the “user” by use of this site means you agree to and accept the Terms and Conditions stated by Yolanda Shanks (owner) of YolandaShanks.com (website).

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