Not Just a Hearer but a Doer Volume 2 by Yolanda Shanks

  • Day 4 Lesson - Barren, Bitter, but Blessed!

    Day 4 Lesson - Barren, Bitter, but Blessed!

  • Day 6 Lesson - Grounded and Settled

  • Day 7 Lesson - Developed out of Difficulty

  • Day 10 Lesson - Performing a Spiritual Spring Cleaning

  • Day 14 Lesson - Don’t Count Me Out YET

  • Day 22 Lesson - Strategically Positioned

  • Day 29 Lesson - Pressing Past the Unresolved Pains

Not Just A Hearer, But A DOER – Vol 2

About the Book

Have you ever held on to dangerous thoughts and feelings? And have you ever assumed that since you weren’t hurting others, those thoughts and feelings were okay? Think again. Building off her successful devotional study, Not Just a Hearer, But A DOER, Yolanda Shanks offers thirty-one more days of practical, scriptural insight that will have you shedding bad habits and replacing them with Biblical behaviors. What does the Bible say about anger? Negative thinking? Self-pity?

Diving into scripture, Not Just a Hearer, But A DOER – Volume 2, exposes the truth behind the thoughts and feelings within that produce negative and hazardous results. From holding on to past pain to dealing with discontentment-these quick and poignant daily studies will encourage you to take hold of your inmost thoughts and refocus them on scriptural truth. Memory verses, daily applications, and scripture breakdowns make it easy for you to change your ways and boldly and joyfully become a DOER of the Word from the inside out.

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What People are Saying!

Pat Fenner says…

What I most appreciate about this book is the gradual progressive nature of the concepts. In Day 1, the reader is extended an invitation “to taste”; by the end of 31 days, however, we are being encouraged to “tell the world”! In between are lessons and reminders to “Guard Our Minds”, “Come Out of Our Comfort Zone” and “…Hang in There!”, among others. And sprinkled throughout are additional Bible verses to memorize that will help us get moving. None of the chapters are discouragingly long or difficult, making this a great book to use if you are just getting into the habit of daily Bible reading and devotional time. But each chapter does pack its own “punch” and carries with it the weight of Truth…

Cindy Lemay says…

Can I stop the habit of just hearing? Of course! But as Yolanda Shanks points out in her devotional study “Not Just a Hearer but a Doer” I have to be DELIBERATE about it. It won’t just happen, I have to make it happen.

One way to start is to use Yolanda’s devotional guide. In 31 days I will be challenged to look closely at me (ugh), then it will be my choice to follow through with what I find.

Each day begins with a paragraph to open up the topic, followed by a scripture verse. The background of the verse is given along with a detailed explanation of a specific part of that verse. At this point an application is made and other verses to study are given. Then there is a section where I can write my own personal application. That is the hardest part for sure! It’s easy for me to be filled up with knowledge, but then acting on that knowledge is where I stumble!

I really like how the author lays this out step by step using scripture as the foundation. I can’t be a doer of the Word without knowing the Word of God now can I!

MGKerri says…

The thing I love most about Yolanda’s book is that she breaks down Scripture by defining the key words, making it easier to understand, and follow. She even goes back to he original Greek or Hebrew, which is THE BEST way to understand Scripture. I love that she, like me, understands that LIVING is a verb, and we are meant to actively live out the Word of God.


Pat Fenner says…
Cindy Lemay says…
MGKerri says…
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