Destined to Live, Despite Me by Yolanda Shanks

Destined to Live, Despite Me

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About the Book

With an abundant amount of books available providing important details on statistical data, recognizing the signs of suicide, psychological books of study, and books instructing individuals in learning how to pick up the pieces after a love one commits suicide, one might discharge Destined To Live, Despite Me as just another biography or self help book. Well hold on, not so fast…

What makes it different? What sets Destined To Live, Despite Me apart?

It’s Focus on providing “Spiritual” Direction

Destined To Live, Despite Me speaks on the topic of suicide directly to the actual suicide attempter in terms of spiritual direction, after they have sought counseling. Its coffee table tone also invites anyone who need direction in living a meaningful and purposeful life built on biblical truth.

While Destined to Live, Despite Me steers clear of giving medical or psychological guidance (The author understands and supports the need of individuals obtaining necessary medical counseling first), it doesn’t apologize for its direct approach in providing spiritual guidance for the rebuilding of one’s life on the fundamentals of our faith in God, and salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ.

It’s Exhaustive Detail

Choosing to deliberately live life to its fullest; in peace and freedom, yet not absent from the storms of life, which are certain to come, but “through” the torrent conditions during this journey requires something other than “a name and claim it attitude” or “a wishful thinking mindset.” It demands faith in our Creator to perform the work that He has begun in us.

It’s Ethical & Motivating Conversational Style

This book takes the authors previous internal state of feelings to achieve an atmosphere, which incites thought with regards to matters of eternal salvation. This book encourages readers to perform their own self-evaluation and keeps readers attention.

-Yolanda Shanks

Behind the Book

Excerpts from the Book

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Links and Resources

Click here for a listing of links and resources for suicide survivors and their families. Find help here.

The Truth about Suicide

Click here for more information on how many of us are affected by suicide.

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What People are Saying!

Gina says…

As a caregiver, I run quite a few people with suicidal ideations. This book was an eye opener. As a Christian, this book has made me look at these types of situations in a new light. I have already noticed my new caring and sympathetic attitude towards those that are depressed and hope my new found compassion will help them in the end. Especially appreciate the list of resources that we can use at the end of the book.

Bettie Corbin Tucker says…

As I read Destined to Live Despite Me by Yolanda Shanks, the pages came alive with a renewed and wondrous confirmation of the power and presence of God’s love. The author, at the age of fourteen, was pregnant and believed that she faced a hopeless situation so she attempted to take her own life. Thank God this suicide attempt failed and her life went on to bear much fruit that would feed many hungry souls. This book is a portion of that fruit and, although written for survivors of suicide, it will inspire and help all individuals who are facing trials and tribulations. Whether or not a person has accepted God’s gift of love through the acceptance of His son, Jesus Christ, this book will impact his or her life if read with an open mind and a desire for true happiness and peace. The more we learn of God’s love, the better we understand ourselves. As readers follow the author on her journey toward salvation and Christian growth, they will cry for what she endured and rejoice because she is an overcomer.

While in the hospital from her suicide attempt, this frightened and lonely girl remembers the details of her experience. She also recalls one of her older sisters telling the doctor that an abortion was not what Yolanda needed. Once released, the teenager went home with this sister who lived with an older lady, a compassionate Christian woman with a ministering heart. She cared for Yolanda, both physically and spiritually. She introduced her to Jesus Christ and soon, thereafter, Yolanda accepted Him as her Lord and Savior. Yolanda did not have an abortion but gave birth to a son.

Lyda Alexander says…

This book is a great resource for Christians who have attempted, or thought about attempting, suicide at some point. The author details her own early experience with hopelessness and depression, and her own suicide attempt, and how she has struggled with guilt and shame because of it. But she also talks about how trusting God and walking close to Him has given her a new meaning to life, and helped take away her guilt and shame. Overall, the book was very uplifting and encouraging. I would recommend it – and will keep it in my library to loan out if needed.

Gina says…
Bettie Corbin Tucker says…
Lyda Alexander says…
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