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Bound in the Bundle of the Living-Part 10

Persecutions are only for a limited time span, they have a beginning and an end, bound by the divine guidelines of what God says in the book of Ecclesiastes regarding “Seasons,” and our persecutors are only the vessels being used to grow us; we must remember that God has the ultimate say in all matters! So the appropriate place for our focus at all times should be on Him! Continue Reading

Escaping a Past Bad Reputation

Possibly in your past during your adolescent years or even as an adult, because of bad choices you previously obtained a label of being a trouble-maker, a bad-seed, or a good-for-nothing person; join me as we review and study biblically the appropriate method of overcoming such. Continue Reading

Pressing Past the Unresolved Pains

There is nothing to hard for our God. He is capable and willing to heal us if only we will seek Him. Often times, instead of addressing an issue, it becomes much easier for us to suppress and move forward; however God desires to set us free from all of our clutter, all of our burdens, and all of our pain, in order that we might become transparent vessels for His use in service! God gave us Jesus, His Son, who is Our Great Physician, to restore us back to health! Continue Reading

Living in the Shadow of God

Despite the storms, which will come in our lives, there is a place that we ALL can go to find safety, rest, and move with ease and confidence during the days of trouble. I encourage you, to seek after the blessings which come from dwelling in God’s presence! Continue Reading

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