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Stop Feeling Slain by Your Circumstances

“Have you ever experienced a situation in your life that caused you to feel like your emotions were on a roller coaster ride?” You know… up a little, then down a little, and even topsy-turvy? Did it appear that instead of truly giving the matter to God instead you worried about it, until you too allowed your peace to fluctuate based on your circumstances? Well, if you answered yes to any of those questions, then today’s lesson is indeed for you; just like it was and is still for me. Continue Reading

Remaining Watchful!

Above anticipating a new job, a monetary increase, a new car, your first home, or a new home, the arrival of a new baby, a wedding ceremony, and all of the other exciting events that can cause us great expectancy and great joy, we who are believers in Christ Jesus should anticipate His return more than everything else in this life. As a matter of fact we must make a conscious decision daily to never lend our attention to the cares of this world, so much that we lose the expectation of Christ’s return. Continue Reading

The Importance of Being Adequately Equipped

Satan would have all of mankind to believe lies such as: (a) there is no God; (b) if there is then there are many routes to God, not just one; (c) there isn’t a heaven or a hell; (d) there’s nothing after death; and (e) if there is something after death such as a heaven or hell, no problem because as long as you have performed good deeds you have earned the right to one day live in heaven. Now, I am certain that you have heard one, if not all of those lies. Haven’t you? Continue Reading

Don’t Let the Words of Others Stop You!

Have you ever been in that place? Confident of your actions in completing a certain thing or beginning a certain task/endeavor until you shared your goals with another? Did you allow their negative chatter to cause you to question and doubt your assignment too long? Did it bring you to a complete stop? If so then today’s lesson is absolutely for you! Continue Reading

Escaped, to Tell!

Truth in its simplest form declares that you and I are both products of God’s magnificent grace and mercy! Yes, we are alive today and our paths were orchestrated to intersect so that we could share in this devotional-time by the divine providence of our wonderful Heavenly Father for His glory and grow! Continue Reading

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