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Instructions for Deliberately Living Life

Have you ever thought to yourself that you were prepared in your spiritual walk yet unexpected road blocks seemingly appeared to pop up causing you to feel like you were turned around, confused, and frustrated, simply discombobulated, or in unfamiliar territory and traveling in the night time of your life? If so what did you use to navigate the challenges?

Today I want to share with you a, “Perfect,” source of navigation for this Christian journey given to us by God, Himself. Continue Reading

Understanding Thankfulness!

Did you know that the word “thank” is from the same root as “think”? To think means “to reflect creatively with the mind.” So to thank someone requires the process of using one’s mind to form an intentional thought and to consider what is being done and has been done or given to you. Continue Reading

Have you Become Dull of Hearing?

I believe that we have also become dull in seeking God and asking Him for spiritual wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. This lethargic attitude has prevented us from graduating from the basics of solely hearing Scripture to implementing Scripture into our lives and teaching others to do the same. Continue Reading

Me, Lord?

Given that we live in such a task driven society and we are constantly on the move, what a magnificent example laid before us by the Psalmist David; one who discovered the importance of stopping long enough to consider the created world around him despite the hustle and bustle of life. Continue Reading

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