Have you Become Dull of Hearing?

I believe that we have also become dull in seeking God and asking Him for spiritual wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. This lethargic attitude has prevented us from graduating from the basics of solely hearing Scripture to implementing Scripture into our lives and teaching others to do the same. Continue Reading

The Importance of Being Adequately Equipped

Satan would have all of mankind to believe lies such as: (a) there is no God; (b) if there is then there are many routes to God, not just one; (c) there isn’t a heaven or a hell; (d) there’s nothing after death; and (e) if there is something after death such as a heaven or hell, no problem because as long as you have performed good deeds you have earned the right to one day live in heaven. Now, I am certain that you have heard one, if not all of those lies. Haven’t you? Continue Reading

Me, Lord?

Given that we live in such a task driven society and we are constantly on the move, what a magnificent example laid before us by the Psalmist David; one who discovered the importance of stopping long enough to consider the created world around him despite the hustle and bustle of life. Continue Reading

Don’t Let the Words of Others Stop You!

Have you ever been in that place? Confident of your actions in completing a certain thing or beginning a certain task/endeavor until you shared your goals with another? Did you allow their negative chatter to cause you to question and doubt your assignment too long? Did it bring you to a complete stop? If so then today’s lesson is absolutely for you! Continue Reading

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