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Yolanda Shanks Suicide Survivor

Multi-published author, speaker, blogger, teacher, wife, grandmother— Yolanda Shanks wears many hats, but the one she most resonates with is her role as an advocate for living life to its fullest.

An early suicide attempt put things in perspective for Shanks. She was in her teens and had given up on life. But by the grace and mercies of God, when her attempt failed, something began to change within her. Shanks knew God had a purpose and a call on her life, and she simply couldn’t keep it herself.

That defining moment didn’t only leave her with a desire to live an abundant and full life, but to walk closer to her Lord and Savior. Since, she’s been doing just that!

Shanks’ award-winning first book, Destined to Live, Despite Me, continues to be a source of hope for those battling effects from a prior suicide attempt. It garnered an enthusiastic Kirkus review, which stated the book was “a commendable guide for finding meaning after considering suicide.”

Her second book, Not Just a Hearer but a DOER – Volume 1  challenges the body of Christ to act upon scripture, while her most recent release, A Cause to Be Thankful, is a call for Christians to shed the spirit of entitlement and replace it with a spirit of thankfulness.

In spite of her packed writing and speaking schedules, Shanks carves out plenty of time for her family and community. She’s a Sunday School teacher at Riceville Mount Olive Baptist Church (Houston, TX), a Souvenir Ad Book Coordinator for the Christian Arts & Entertainment Group, and the President of the Lighthouse Institute for Girls, a nonprofit mentoring program for high school-age girls.

A wife and grandmother of five, Shanks lives in Houston, Texas. When asked about her busy schedule, she smiles and says, “Indeed our God is good. I know that it is only by His grace and strength that He is allowing me to continue with this much on my plate.” And continue she will.

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